Remove Stains and Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

Reach out to us for carpet cleaning services in the Tyler, TX area

Routine carpet cleaning can help to remove pollutants, stains and foul odors from your floors. When your carpets could use a good clean, reach out to Steadfast Waste LLC in the Tyler, TX area. Our carpet cleaning company provides everything from hot water extraction to odor removal and stain protection services.

We recommend waiting for six to eight hours before walking on your carpets after we clean them. Additionally, we advise waiting for at least a day before placing heavy furniture back on your carpet. Contact us at 903-283-8364 today to schedule residential or commercial carpet cleaning services.


    What should I do before my service appointment?

    We just ask that you pick up items on top of any upholstery that is to be cleaned, including reading materials, toys, blankets, etc.

    Do I have to move my furniture?

    Yes, please. We recommend moving furniture from the rooms we are going to clean in order to get the best results. For lighter items like chairs, coffee tables, and small sofas, we can place blocks under them. We will clean around larger, heavier items like beds, large sofas, armoires, exercise equipment and delicate pieces.

    How long do I have to wait before walking on my clean carpet?

    Drying generally takes six to eight hours, so avoid walking on them until after that period. We also recommend you wait about 24 hours before returning heavy furniture.